The fourth volume in this series contains insightful analyses on a variety of international problems within the context of refugee issue. Contributions in this volume are as follows: Ahmet Sapmaz “Refugees and Security”; Saadat Demirci “Refugees, Migration and Security Threats”; Hüsmen Akdeniz “The Impact of Irregular Migration on Security in the Framework of Changing Security Context”; Mehmet Emin Erendor “Refugees and Terrorism”; Burak Şakir Şeker and Hasret Çomak “Mena Versus Europe: Arising Dimensions of Mediterranean Maritime Security”; Cem Oğultürk “The Impact of Food Insecurity on Migration and Conflict in the Horn of Africa”; Burak Şakir Şeker and Hasret Çomak “Migration by Sea: Libyan Case and EU Approach”; Neziha Musaoğlu “Demografic, Economic, Political and Legal Dimensions of the Russian Federation’s Migration Policy”; Ainur Nogayeva “Central Asian Fighters and their Families in Syria: Refugees or Terrorists?”; Murat Pinar and Soyalp Tamçelik “Determining the Socio-Economic and Security Impacts of Rohingya Refugees on Neighbouring Countries: Bangladesh and India”; Ferdi Güçyetmez “Immigration and Belonging Issue on the American – Mexico Border”; Zekeriya Alperen Bedirhan “The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca)”; Akın Sağıroğlu and İlhan Aras “The Issue of Immigration in the United States Elections: A Look at Trump-Era”; Saadet Çalişkan Ciğer “An Alternative Solution to Problems Arising in Refugee Crises: Humanitarian Space and Humanitarian System”; Murat Koray “Developing Effective Resilience Based Strategies for Refugees”; Tarık Demir “Enclavity and Refugees”; and Sezin İba Gürsoy “Refugee and Climate Change”.