For those who are looking for ways of living and being with the body, the mind/spirit and the earth that nurture the health of all three, this book presents Taoism as a path of triple cultivation. Drawing on the rich oral and textual traditions of Taoism, The Way of Taoism provides ways of living and being with the body and the earth that nurture the health of both in mutual spirituality and materiality. From the written tradition of Taoism, it brings together teaching about the Taoist body and Taoist ecology. It also draws on the living oral and scriptural tradition of the Taoist Tai Chi Society™/Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism™ that has a strong connection with Buddhism and Confucianism in the ‘three religions’ tradition. It is the first book written by a member practitioner of this Society to bring all these aspects together. The Way of Taoism crosses the great divides and dualisms between mind and body, humans and ‘the environment,’ spirituality and materiality, east and west. It provides ways of nurturing bodily, spiritual/mental and ‘environ-mental’ health along the path of triple cultivation. The Way of Taoism engages in cross-cultural dialogue between eastern and western culture, and in historical exchange between traditional and contemporary times. It argues against monotheism, makes a plea for polytheism and foregrounds Taoism as a polytheistic religion. It is a comprehensive guide to the way of Taoism.