Dictionary of Folk Culture and Ethnography Terms, covers a certain part of folklore, ethnology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, logic, sociology, management sciences, music, theater, art history, law, medicine, archeology. While preparing the Annotated Dictionary of Folk Culture and Ethnography Terms, I believe that terms related to folk culture in all aspects should be given together. As the purpose of this dictionary, a general social knowledge of those dealing with folk culture is taken into consideration. So that the readers from different directions who are interested in folk culture will find it easy to find many subjects within and under hand. Another purpose of this dictionary is shedding light for amateurs or experts who plan compilation and review in the field. Also, it is presenting additional information that can assist in seeing, learning, teaching, examining and exhibiting. Today, various aspects of our folk culture are taught and kept alive through the most valid and master-apprentice relationship with a memorable method in Turkey.