“In today’s world climate change has come to a point where national, regional and global actors are forced to re-make or re-design their policies in order to reduce the negative influences of this phenomenon. The European Union (EU) is no exception to these actors that are in need of making new arrangements on climate change. In this book I intended to evaluate the transition in the EU’s energy related climate policies; the changing roles of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the European institutions. In fact, lobbying taking place at the CSOs level is and must be directly linked with the role of the EU institutions whilst evaluating the new approaches of the EU on climate change matters. More specifically, Brussels based CSOs are particularly important whilst analysing their access to the decision-making mechanisms of the EU as well as the pressure mechanisms they impose on the EU-level policy changes. Readers will see that there is hard evidence that CSOs has some influence on the EU’s energy related climate change policy decisions. Particularly the interviews conducted in this work places this book apart from the rest of the literature. I hope all readers will find this work on the influence of the EU-wide civil society organizations on climate policies of the Union of their interest and appealing.”