In his artistic research, Giovanni Perillo aims to generate conflicts with oneself, to weaken certainties, stereotypes and rigid expectations, encouraging a dialogue to express one’s reflections on the real freedom of one’s choices and on the possible influences that they imply. Through a détourner, a displacement, a deviation from alienating cultural mechanisms, aesthetic experimentation can become practical for a transformation towards a different self-awareness. “Taking the cue from the theory of events, I started to research stimuli and creative interaction processes through my artistic investigation and production. The stimuli had to be able to arouse behaviours and interpretations that are far from conformist and pre-established models. The interpretations, as answers to a stimulus coming from reality, are the significant consequences of the sense and vision of reality. The conventional and conformist interpretations form the specific psychological structure of a culture, and for this reason, they are its identity. If the reactions of the individuals who interact with artwork were not spontaneous, heterogeneous or unpredictable, they would show the homogenized and homogenizing game of taking part to practices where roles and goals of the players are pre-establish and reinforce a system of perception of reality that is influenced by dominant socio-cultural models.”