I. WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT: ITS IMPACT ON POLITICS, PUBLIC SPHERE AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The Power of Words: How Silent Spring Sparked the American Environmental Movement through Debate and Diplomacy – Jayashabari Shankar The Other Side of Male Dominance: Prohibition of Pants – Zeynep Özlem Üskül Engin and Dolunay Çörek Akyıldız Gender Mainstreaming and International Organizations: NATO Example – Suat Dönmez Gender Mainstreaming in Türkiye within the Framework of the “European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life” – Zeynep Banu Dalaman The Development of Civil Society and the Women’s Rights Movements in Türkiye – Ahmet Görgen II. WOMEN’S CHALLENGES IN SOCIETY Colonial Prejudice Hunting the African Woman: The Case of Southern/West Cameroon (1916-2022) – Charles Nda Agbor The Relationship between the Girl Child Marriage Problem and Gender Inequality: The Case of Türkiye – Ayşe Nur Çiftçi Chinese Women in Transnational Marriage Migration – In Two British Cities – Lan Lo and Xia Lin Gendered Perceptions of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in India – Naureen Bhullar, Chrysiynn D’Costa, and Ishani Roy Female Educational Leadership between a Rock and a Hard Place – Latifa Belfakir and Imane Zeryouh The Continuation of Gender Stereotyping and Patriarchal Mentality in the Post-Communist Albania – Enkelejda Cenaj The Effects of Gender Discrimination on Women’s Health – Şükran Başgör and Semra Elmas III. WOMEN AND LITERATURE Utopian Works by Two Feminist Writers: Herland and Yeni Turan – Senem Üstün Kaya Women Claim Agency and Subjectivity: Assia Djebar’s Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade – Ferma Lekesizalin Reconfigurations of Female Gender Performance and Proto-Radicalism in Rachel Crothers’ A Man’s World – Furkan Tozan