This is a collection of self-selected papers presented at The Migration Conference 2021 London. COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing restrictions and difficulties in international travel forced us to run the TMC online for a second time. It is a new and improving experience for most of us and there is strong hints that the conference will continue in hybrid form in the near future. As usual, we have invited participants to submit 2000 words papers for the proceedings book and this volume brings you these papers. Topics covered in the volume include gender, education, mass movements, refugees, religion, identity, migration policy, culture, diplomacy, remittances, climate, water, environment and pretty much everything about migration. Most of the papers are in English, but there are some in French, Spanish and Turkish too. This is a great book for those who want short accounts on all aspects of migration and refugees. TMC 2021 was hosted by Ming-Ai (London) Institute and The International British Business School, UK. Looking forward to continuing the debates on human mobility after the Pandemic at the next TMC in Morocco. | | @migrationevent | | Email: [email protected]