The relationship between firms and stakeholders is held together by a continuous two-way cycle of value creation. In this, how can value be managed such that the stakeholder’s wellbeing is ensured? How does stakeholder wellbeing vary across business contexts? Are there varied perspectives in understanding stakeholder wellbeing? These and other pertinent questions have been addressed in this book. Particularly, this book provides a synthesis of research perspectives on value creation and stakeholder wellbeing through a collection of chapters from scholars in this area. It synthesizes research perspectives on value into three categories – firm-focused, customer-focused, and community-focused. In doing so, this book presents novel insights through these lenses and highlights best practices in ensuring stakeholder wellbeing. Responding to the rapidly changing business landscape where stakeholders are more connected, accessible, and informed than ever before, many firms are interested in creating value for all and in the process ensuring stakeholder wellbeing. This book will appeal to research scholars, practitioners, consultants, and managers looking to seek new insights and understanding on value creation.