“Shades of Violence: Multidisciplinary Reflections on Violence in Literature, Culture, and Arts” explores the tapestry of violence across diverse forms of artistic expression, expertly edited by Sümeyra Buran, Mahinur Akşehir, Neslihan Köroğlu, and Barış Ağır. From the gripping introduction to the thought-provoking chapters contributed by an array of scholars, this collection navigates the multifaceted dimensions of violence. Muhsin Yanar’s exploration of Don DeLillo’s work calls for a posthumanist stance against violence, while Begüm Tuğlu Atamer questions the justification of violence in Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus.” The anthology expands its reach, examining slow violence in John Burnside’s “Glister” (Derya Biderci Dinç), portraying environmental violence in Bilge Karasu’s “Hurt Me Not” (Özlem Akyol), and unraveling psychological violence in Kate Chopin’s stories (Senem Üstün Kaya). Contributors delve into theatre violence (Gamze Şentürk Tatar), indigenous struggles against violence in Cheran, Mexico (Kristy L. Masten), Robert Browning’s “Porphyria’s Lover” (Derya Oruç) and the complex interplay of power in Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange” (Şebnem Düzgün). The anthology also explores the contested space of the Black queer body (Taylor Ajowele Duckett), Nietzschean aggression (Yunus Tuncel), and various forms of violence in Giovanni Verga’s short stories (Simone Pettine). “Shades of Violence” emerges as an indispensable exploration of violence’s nuanced manifestations, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding through its diverse and insightful perspectives.