“I believe that this reference guide will be very beneficial for cadets, and for the officers who will be assigned abroad.“ - Ayhan Karakurt Lt. Col. Head of KHO English Dept. “This dictionary, the first of its kind to appear in Turkey, should provide a much-needed resource for officers, cadets, teachers or anyone else dealing with the English language, I would like to congratulate the author, and wish every success to anyone making use of it.“ - Dr. Laurence Raw Baskent University “Clearly impossible for everyone to follow the CNN news without knowing these terms. This work is no less than its foreign equivalents.“ - Ahmet Serif Izgoren Chairman of Board, Academy International “Very precious handbook for learning the current military terms and abbreviations. I really apreciate the author’s wook.“ - Aydogan Davulcu Capt. Arny Language School “A reference book for understanding the military texts. Now learning military English is easier than ever.“ - Mustafa Dundar Staff Lt. Col. “I believe this dictionary will fill the gap in the field of military terminology.“ - Prof. Dr. Burcin Erol Hacettepe University

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