“I was somewhat familiar with the works of Sophie before reading this collection of short stories; however, these uniquely crafted literary pieces opened for me a new window into the mind of an author who has the capacity to demonstrate so many different aspects of female psyche. It often feels that the author has drawn from personal experiences; yet every character is unique and every protagonist battles in a completely different sphere! The characters are complex in the extreme, yet there is a familiarity in every one of them that makes them easily recognizable to the reader. This, of course, can only be explained by the prowess the author has in depicting women with all of their fragilities, strengths, struggles, heartaches, victories, failures and everything else that encompasses a woman’s life in a patriarchal world. Sophie succeeds with every beautifully plotted story to demonstrate the ultimate female struggle for finding freedom and equality! What is more is that she does so with a fresh, novel style, rarely ever seen in other Kurdish or Persian female novelists.” – Gloria Yazdani, Writer/Director, Canada