Public Law and Human Rights is a core module in the legal education of the United Kingdom (UK). Throughout the world it is known as common law. While common law consists of case-law and statutes, it has reached its present state by incorporating elements of international law, prerogative power and other legal and non-legal sources such as conventions and customs. This book closely examines the public law (constitution and administrative law) and human rights system of the UK (England and Wales in particular). The reason for the emergence of this book is that other publications do not explain such a complex issue in plain language, which makes it very difficult for those taking an interest, in particular A-level as well as LLB/LLM law students. This book does not repeat material that is available in many textbooks that are in print. Rather, it endeavours to present every topic in plain language and concludes every chapter with a fictitious, explanatory sample case. This book will also assist students to prepare for examinations. It comes with a test that summarizes all the subjects contained in the book, which is appropriate to the first stage SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) examination.

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