Common sense leadership is a key feature in reaching the wise leadership point. Common sense leader means a leader who, evaluates issues and subjects within reasonable limits, looks for the solution in the reasonable, listens to the society and political actors, establishes balancing elements in politics, determines the correct alternatives and political actors for resolving issues and can form consensus formulas among these alternatives. Devlet Bahçeli's leadership style presents the concept of common sense leadership to the political arena. Therefore, the communication skills that make up the common sense leadership are described in detail in the book. Devlet Bahçeli's common sense leadership offers a reliable and credible leadership style. Devlet Bahçeli is recognized as a reliable and credible bir leader among both political actors and society. Among the superiorities of communication that lead a political leader to wise leadership, credibility and reliability come first. Devlet Bahçeli uses a convincing style in politics and, most important of all, this credibility is confirmed by his political life. During the 32 years that passed since he entered politics in 1987, what made Devlet Bahçeli different in the critical times of his political life was his credibility and giving confidence to the society. For this reason, the elements that make Devlet Bahçeli convincing and the communication skills that determine his reliability are described with original examples in the book.