Actors in the cyber sphere include countries’ armed forces, intelligence organizations, legal authorities, and natural and legal persons. Cyber War is defined as the intrusion by one state to destroy or disrupt the computer systems or networks of another state. It is defined as “the sort of warfare in which computer systems are employed to damage or destroy adversary systems” in the United Nations Glossary, in the same way as information warfare. Cyber warfare moves at a breakneck speed. It’s a global phenomenon that occurs before the traditional battleground. In order to counter cyber crimes and related issues, more studies needed to improve our understanding, inform policies and develop and strengthen cooperation between individuals, institutions and countries. All states need to take constitutional, legal, technical and administrative measures on cybersecurity. For this purpose, “national virtual environment security policies” should be developed and constantly updated. National information security should be given utmost importance. A cyber security awareness culture should be established and supported by regional and global international institutions and organizations. A common understanding on cyber security needs to be adopted at all levels.