This book includes studies conducted on the basis of field research by academics specialised in social anthropology in various universities in Turkey. Anthropological studies on migration date back a long way. Leaving their desk in the office, anthropologists have taken to the field, placing participatory observations and in-depth interviews at the centre of their research. The story of this book emerged from the thoughts of anthropologists, who had made presentations on migration, coming together during a symposium and discussing how to write about such a topic. A qualitative research method was used in work containing examples from Ankara, Istanbul, Burdur, Van, Ardahan, Sivas and Hatay. The focal groups had been displaced and/or had witnessed war. This book is composed of eleven chapters. The majority of the studies were conducted with the participation of Syrian immigrants. The wave of compulsory emigration from Syria due to the continuing conflict in the country has affected Turkey deeply. Syrians under temporary protection have been living in almost every Turkish city since the early years of the war. The book also includes papers on groups who have come from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to Turkey, settling in various places in the country, in addition to Syrian immigrants.